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#krisallenpinkranger (1/2)

Title: #krisallenpinkranger
Summary: He's like the Daphne of the Power Rangers.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
It's fiction
: This is all lady_michaelis 's fault.  She tagged me in a FB picture of the MMPR cast and while I let the childhood memories flow over me, I randomly thought 'hmm, power rangers!kradam?'  The first thing I decided was that Kris=Pink Ranger.  The rest kind of flowed from there.  Thank you farahlily and, of course, lady_michaelis.  The latter for inspiring this fic in the first place, and the former for cheerleading and being so very enthusiastic in her appreciation for this silly little story of mine.  ILU bbs sooo much.
Warnings: This is in no way, shape, or form meant to be serious.  If it comes off that way at any point, it was definitely an accident.

And thanks to the lovely paraka it is now available in podfic form - which is unbelievably awesome (it comes with the theme song!!).


Being a Power Ranger is totally overrated.

Saving the world is cool and all, but Kris has been getting the short end of the stick ever since he joined the team.  To start with, most of the villains have a tendency to go after him.  All he seems to be good for is being captured.

Allison’s the leader, Matt’s the second-in-command, Anoop’s the smart one, Megan’s the best fighter, and Kris gets held hostage - alot.

He’s like the Daphne of the Power Rangers.

It’s lame, and it’s not doing his ego any favors.  Not that his ego’s ever been huge, but Kris has always been very secure for a short guy with a girlish figure.  This is starting to get him down though, because what purpose does he serve the team other than playing damsel in distress?

He blames the color of his uniform.  People see it and they go, “oh, let’s get that one, they have the girly color.”

Kris kind of hates being the Pink Ranger.

It’s all Simon’s fault; he’s their mentor.  He’d told his companion - an android named Ryan - to recruit a team of teenagers with attitude, and the “lucky” teens had been them.  Simon is a giant floating head in a giant glowing tube.  He says he’s from a distant planet somewhere in the galaxy that’s long lost to time.  He also has a British accent for some reason.

Kris doesn’t really think about it too hard because between the Morphers, and the random monsters, and the getting kidnapped all the time, the giant floating head who sounds British doesn’t really affect him.

What does affect him is being the freaking Pink Ranger.  Why is he pink?  He’d begged and pleaded more than a little to switch with someone, anyone.  He and Allison had spent a while going back and forth on that matter, but she’d refused to budge, intent on taking on the Team Leader thing by the horns.

Simon didn’t help things by smugly telling them both that the Morphers chose their owners for a reason; they’re stuck with them.  Kris might’ve made an indignant high-pitched sound and yelled a little.  Ryan had calmed him down with a few words.  He’s been with Simon for several millennia now, and there’s very little he hasn’t seen in terms of temper.

Ryan regularly tells him to stop moping about being the Pink Ranger and to be more positive about the situation.  Easy for him to say; he’s not the one who has to live through it.

He doesn’t have anything against pink - it’s a perfectly alright color - but he couldn’t have been any other one?  Being the Pink Ranger seems to include having a big target on your forehead.  Plus, an unfortunate side effect of being a Power Ranger is the urge to wear your Ranger color while de-morphed.  Which means Kris has moments where he has the urge to wear pink.  Pink!

Kris has issues with his Ranger color, okay?  The rest of the team has learned to accept it and just let his rants on the subject run their course.

Then, the Silver Ranger comes into their lives.

The first time Kris encounters the Silver Ranger, he has nothing to remember it by but a few hazy memories of something bright and shiny defeating the Putties.  They’ve been getting a lot stronger lately, and it’s taking more and more power to defeat them.  Whatever had gotten rid of them, it hadn’t been one of them.  He asks the rest of the Rangers if they saw anything, but everyone else says they didn’t.  No one takes him seriously except for Matt, who puts an arm around him and doesn’t look away from him at all when he talks.  It’s a bit unsettling, having someone stare that intensely without blinking once.

He wears Allison down eventually because she’s a sucker for his pout and sad puppy eyes.  They have a meeting about it, but they’d all been a little out of it at the time, so no one has anything of value to add.  As a team, they eventually conclude that Kris imagined the bright and shiny something due to the pain - he’d taken a rock to the head or something.  Kris thinks differently - he knows there was someone else there - but at the look on Allison’s face when he opens his mouth to protest, he leaves it alone.

The second time, he and Megan are nearby when they hear someone screaming for help.  They morph and run off in that direction, only to see all the civilians safe and the Putties defeated.  He barely catches a glimpse of a figure in the distance, gleaming brightly in the afternoon sun before disappearing swiftly behind a building.  He turns to Megan and she nods before he says anything.  They contact Ryan at the base and tell him to teleport them all there.

“Wait, so you saw something?” Allison asks them when they’re all back at the base.

“Someone, Alli,” Kris corrects.  “Megan saw them too.”

“What’d you see, Megan?”

Oh, sure, ask the one whose uniform isn’t pink.

“It looked like a person.  I couldn’t really see that well.  Whatever they were wearing, it was shiny; ridiculously shiny.”

“You do realize that that would be highly impractical,” Anoop says, eyebrow raised skeptically.

Megan rolls her eyes.  “I’m just telling you what I saw, brainiac.”

They’re about to get into a little verbal battle when Matt steps between them, nodding at Allison to continue.  She has her Team Leader face on; Kris really hates that face.  She’s the youngest out of all of them, and she has this constant need to prove her worth as leader when none of them question it.

“Argue later.  We keep getting our asses handed to us, and whoever this ridiculously shiny person is, they’re beating monsters by themselves easily when the five of us keep getting the crap kicked out of us.  We need to find out who they are and what they want, or we’re all screwed.”

“Language, Red Ranger,” Ryan says while scanning them for injuries.

“Sorry, Ryan,” she adds, inching away from him when he aims an unnaturally white smile at her.  He looks like a slender blond man who may or may not be taller than Kris, and half the time, they forget that he isn’t human.  Then he smiles at them and they remember; his teeth are kind of unnerving.

“Stop correcting them.  You’re a robot, not their mother,” an ornery British voice says from somewhere.

They all turn to look at Simon.  He rarely says anything to them, other than a few snappy comments and some sage advice when he feels like it.

“Do you know who this person could be, Simon?” Allison asks, moving closer to him.

“Possibly.  Ridiculously shiny, you say?”

Kris and Megan nod in unison.  Simon raises an eyebrow at them and nods in return, a smirk on his lips.

“I think I may know who it is.”  He takes a dramatic pause.  “There is another Ranger in our midst.”

Simon refuses to say anything more than that, and Allison orders them to clear out, frustration and determination on her face.  They hear the two of them arguing loudly as they leave, Ryan trying to placate them.  Their voices get louder, talking over Ryan and drowning him out completely.

The four of them share a look and scurry out of the base.

They end up at the Youth Center and order smoothies from the juice bar, sitting down at an isolated table in the corner to discuss the possibility of a new Ranger.

“Do you think Simon’s telling the truth?”

“Why would he lie?” Anoop says, ever the sensible one.

Matt shrugs.  “I don’t know.  He’s not exactly an open book.  I think he knows exactly who this shiny figure is and he’s holding out on us.”

“Or he doesn’t know who it is, and he’s acting like he does so he can continue to appear all-knowing,” Megan adds, taking a sip of her strawberry-banana smoothie and finding it empty.  She rolls her eyes, turning to the boy next to her.  “Kris!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t notice I finished it all.”  He blinks at her with big brown eyes and the annoyance on her face melts away instantly.

“It’s fine, sweetie,” she says, giving him a peck on the cheek before getting up to get another smoothie.

Matt is staring at him in awe while Anoop shakes his head.

Dude.  You’re good.”

Kris tilts his head, oblivious.  “At what?”

“Did you not notice what just happened?  If me or Anoop had done that, she would’ve killed us on the spot!  You blink innocently at her and she forgets to be mad.  Can you teach me your ways?”

Matt has moved so close to him that he’s almost on his lap.  Kris’ personal boundaries are sketchy at best, but this is a bit much, even for him.  He scoots his chair back and stands up, mumbling an excuse as he walk-runs to the counter where Megan is.

“You can’t run to me every time Matt gets a little too far into your personal space.”

He doesn’t need to look to know she’s biting her lip to hold in the grin that wants to escape.

“I’ll stop if you tell me to.”

Megan says nothing.

“That’s what I thought.”

She pinches his side and he doubles over, laughing.  That’s dirty pool; he’s ticklish and she knows all of his spots.  Ernie’s walking over to them, smoothie in hand, and Kris plans his revenge.  He grabs it before Megan can, taking a long, slow sip.

“Why are you stealing my smoothie?”


Megan’s eyes are twinkling like crazy, scrunched up in laughter as Kris swallows and turns around, fighting the urge to shut his eyes and pretend this isn’t happening.  He almost drops the smoothie on the ground when he gets a good look at its rightful owner.

He’s taller than Kris - which is nothing unusual - and broader.  He has dark hair and bright blue eyes that are sparkling with humor.  Good.  Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t want to beat Kris up for accidentally drinking his smoothie.  His life sucks enough as is with the whole Daphne of the Power Rangers thing.


Megan jumps in before he can continue.  “He thought it was mine.  He was getting back at me for exploiting his weakness.”

He raises a brow in question.  Kris silently prays that Megan will keep her mouth shut.

“He’s ticklish,” she says, grinning wickedly.

He gives up and puts his face in his hands, wondering what he did to deserve all this.  He hears a warm chuckle from in front of him and peeks up to see the stranger smiling at him.  He has a really pretty smile.

“Interesting,” he says, and Kris can’t place his tone.  Partly because he’s distracted by the man’s pretty, but that’s besides the point.  He looks at Kris with curiosity in his gaze and he has the urge to tell him “take me, I’m yours!”  He may not take too well to that, but he’s already stolen the guy’s smoothie, so the only direction their relationship can go is up.

“Good interesting or bad interesting?” Megan asks before he can even think to.  Why is she taking charge of this conversation, anyway?

“Meg, shut up.  Please.”

Kris does remember how to talk.  Why hadn’t he discovered this when Megan first decided to be his mouth piece?  She pouts at him, but complies, keeping silent.  The guy’s still standing there, a little bemused by the scene in front of him, but he hasn’t left.  That’s good.

“So your girlfriend doesn’t do all your talking for you?”


“Definitely not his girlfriend.  Although he is a cutie, isn’t he?” she says as she pinches his cheek.

Isn’t it enough that he’s the unofficial damsel of the group?  It has to spill over into his real life too?

“Megan,” he whines pathetically, and Kris ignores how embarrassing his whining is, because getting her out of this conversation is way more important; she’s his friend, not his babysitter.

Thankfully, she relents, taking her real smoothie from Ernie and walking back over to their table.  He pleads to whatever higher power is listening that she’ll keep her mouth shut, but nope, she’s chattering excitedly at Matt and Anoop, pointing at them in a very obvious way.  Anoop’s grinning at him, trying to get Megan to lower her voice and failing; Matt’s sipping on his drink morosely as he glares in their general direction.  He catches Megan’s eye and she waves excitedly at him.

“Your not-girlfriend’s great at subtlety.”

“It’s one of her many charms,” he mutters, eyes scrunched up in a weak glare at Megan’s gleeful face.

“Oh, sweetie...  You can’t make a mean face to save your life.”

Kris directs his attention back to him, belatedly realizing he’s still holding onto the smoothie.  He mutely holds it out to him, and the stranger’s lips quirk up at the corners.  He takes it, and Kris gets distracted by the glint of the lights on his nails; they’re painted a bright, shining silver.

“Sorry about the smoothie.”

“No worries.  I’m fine with cute boys taking my drink - provided they tell me their name to make up for it.”

Kris gives him what Anoop has dubbed the “koala in the headlights” stare.  Why a koala, he doesn’t really know, and the one time he’d asked for an explanation, he’d gotten confused by the end of the second sentence.  That’s not his fault though, because Anoop likes to use big words that only other freakishly smart people would know.

He doesn’t know how long he stands there gaping like an idiot, but it must be a while, because the guy’s eyes dim, and he looks sad now.  It makes Kris want to hug him.

“Hey, it’s okay if you don’t want to,” he says, biting his bottom lip - which has freckles, and Kris never knew that freckles could be this interesting.  “I know I’m a bit much for some people.”

And that’s - no; that’s not what Kris was thinking at all.

“Oh, no, no, you’re just enough!”  This guy must think Kris is a total moron.  “I mean, it’s totally fine; I don’t mind.”  Megan’s mouthing something at him over the guy’s shoulder.  Name?  Oh.  Right.  “I’m Kris,” he says, and he thinks he manages to sound convincingly calm.  And hopefully, less like an idiot.

It earns him a small smile.  He thinks he can live with seeming like he has extensive brain damage if he can make a full-fledged one appear.

“Adam,” the guy replies, holding a hand out to him.

He shakes it weakly, too focused on the warmth and the feel of his hand to remember to have a proper grip.  Adam beams at him, and, wow.

“Hi,” he says stupidly, grinning back at him.

They stand there for a while, staring and smiling.  He hopes he doesn’t let go anytime soon, but eventually, Adam pulls his hand away from Kris’.  He barely stops the pout from forming.

“I’m sorry, Kris, but I’ve got to go,” he says apologetically, mouth pursed into a frown.

Kris leans in and brushes a finger across his lips, tries to smooth it away.  He blushes bright red when he realizes what he’s doing and jerks his hand away, stuttering out apologies.  His friends know he’s touchy-feely, but he just met Adam, and the smoothie stealing made a less than stellar first impression.  Touching him randomly probably isn’t helping his case here.

“You’re kind of cute,” he tells him fondly, hushing Kris’ rambling.  “How about we meet up here tomorrow?  Same time?”

He just nods, because who knows what’ll come out of his mouth if he opens it.

“Great!”  Adam’s smile is bright, but not in the unnatural way Ryan’s is.  It’s warm and brilliant and breathtaking; Kris wouldn’t mind seeing it again.  Repeatedly.

He stumbles back to the table his friends are waiting at in a daze, trying not to look at Adam’s retreating form, but doing it anyway, smiling sappily when he sees Adam looking back.  He gives Kris a little wave before walking out of sight.

“What took you so long?”

He turns to Matt, who’s scowling at him.  What’d he do to deserve that?

“You all saw from here.  And Megan probably told you everything that happened while she was within earshot.”

“It was adorable!  He’s hot, Kris.  Are you going to see him again?”

Kris flushes, squirming in his seat under their intense stares.  “Yeah.  He asked if we could meet here tomorrow, same time.”

Megan squeals, and as embarrassing as that is, it’s cute too.  Even if she is getting ahead of herself.  Adam’s nice and didn’t kill him for commandeering his smoothie, but that doesn’t mean he wants to go out with Kris.  Even if he had called him cute and asked to see him again.

Anoop glances at the crushed plastic cup in Matt’s hand and then at the eager expression on Megan’s face as Kris keeps up a steady stream of enthusiastic chatter about the guy he just met - whose name is Adam, apparently.  “As sweet as Kris’ burgeoning love life is, we haven’t gotten any closer to figuring out if Simon’s telling the truth.  We need to find out what’s going on.”

The possibility of there being another Ranger sobers them all.  Whoever they are, they’re more powerful than the five of them combined.  They could use them on the team.

“I think we should wait until Allison’s here to discuss this further,” Kris says, glancing at the clock.  It’s been almost an hour since they left her at the base, and it’d sounded like it was getting ugly.  Hopefully, nothing’s wrong.

When Allison comes in a few minutes later, scowling, they wisely decide to not bring it up.


He doesn’t know why people think being a Power Ranger is so awesome; it sucks.

They’re fighting off more Putties, and when the fight finally starts to turn in their favor, a monster shows up out of nowhere.  It looks like an overgrown sentient weed.  It probably has a name like “the Wicked Weed” or “Treevil.”

“I am-”

The weed gets hit by a blast and is incinerated immediately.  Kris is kind of disappointed; he’ll never know what ridiculous pun-filled name it possessed.

They all turn to the burnt black spot where the monster stood, perplexed.

“Did one of you do that?”

Everyone answers Allison’s inquiry in the negative.

Hidden in the shadows of the trees, the Silver Ranger smirks to himself, wondering.  Reveal himself to them, or keep baffling them by being elusive?  Decisions, decisions.  But then the Pink Ranger points in his direction, and he knows he’s caught.

He steps out into the light, and Kris’ breath catches.  Oh.  There’s a new Ranger alright, and he’s shiny.  Silver is way better than pink.  Definitely.

“I did.  I guess you five don’t have any fancy gadgets?” he asks them, twirling something that looks like a gun before sheathing it in a holster.

“Who are you?”

“The Silver Ranger,” he says breezily.  “And before you ask: yes, I’m on your side, no, I don’t want to join your team, and, no, I don’t want to be your friend; I work alone.”

He starts walking away from them, and Matt moves into action, blocking his path.

“Hold on a second!  You can’t just come in here and act like you own the place.  We want real answers, and you’re going to give them to us.”

“Look,” the Silver Ranger says, sounding unimpressed, “I’ve told you what you need to know.  I’m not one of the bad guys.  You guys have been slacking lately; I’m just picking up the pace.”

He steps around Matt but then Megan comes up to him.  The Silver Ranger shakes his head angrily.  Kris is guessing that he’s frustrated by the Ranger roadblocks.

“You don’t have to be rude about it.  We just want to get to know you.  We don’t know who you are or how you got your powers.  Just talk to us.”  Her tone is soothing, but when she reaches a hand out to him, he steps back.

“Move out of my way,” he says calmly, but Kris can hear the barely restrained fury in it.  He pulls Megan away and gets a nod of gratitude for it.

Kris watches him leave until he’s nothing more than a bright dot in the distance.


“He’s an asshole,” Matt says the second they’re back at the base.  “Could he have been any more condescending?”

Megan snorts.  “You’re just mad that he made you look like an idiot after your macho man act didn’t work.”

“Because your approach worked so much better.”

“Both of you shut up!”

Did Kris just say that?  They’re all looking at him now, so he must have.

“Umm…”  Of course he doesn’t have anything to say when he finally has their attention; that’s just how the Pink Ranger luck works.

Allison gives him a small smile.  “Thank you. Fighting over whether or not the new guy’s an asshole isn’t going to solve anything.  At least we know he’s on our side.”

“What we don’t know is how he’s stronger than we are.  Besides the tech advantage,” Anoop says.

“I’m telling you to leave it alone for now.”  There’s that Team Leader face again.  “You’re all dismissed.  The city’s not being plagued by monsters, so go do something normal and teenager-y.”

The tense set of her shoulders keeps them all from protesting.  Megan grabs Anoop’s hand on the way out, leaning in to whisper in his ear.  Matt gives Kris a questioning look when he doesn’t make any move to leave.  His eyes flit over to Allison and Matt nods, mouthing good luck at him before leaving the two of them alone.

Cautiously, Kris walks over to the table Allison’s sitting at, taking the seat next to hers.  Her arms are crossed on the tabletop, face hidden by bright red hair.  He smoothes it away, giving Allison a crooked smile when he meets her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”


“You just kicked everyone out and you’re pouting.”

“I’m not pouting,” she says grumpily, but he sees a smile flicker.

“Did Simon tell you anything?”

She shakes her head, mouth tense and angry.  “He said it’s none of my business.”  For a moment, her mouth quivers, and Kris instinctively sweeps her into a hug.  Allison relaxes into his arms instantly, because the Pink Ranger duties also include offering comforting hugs when they are needed, and Kris has always been good at hugging.

“He said that our Morphers chose us for a reason,” she starts, voice quiet and husky.  “He said that I’m meant to be the Team Leader.  If that’s true, why won’t he help me lead?  The Silver Ranger may seem like he’s on our side, but we have no way of knowing if he’s being honest.  Simon needs to tell me what he knows.”

“That’s just his way.”

They both look up in surprise to see Ryan smiling serenely at them.

“How long have you been standing there?”

He shakes his head.  “It’s irrelevant.  Allison, you can’t doubt your ability as leader.  I’ve seen many generations of Power Rangers come and go, and believe me, you know what you’re doing.  Simon being his usual crotchety old self doesn’t change that fact.  I know he seems harsh, but there’s a reason he’s keeping things from you.”

Allison glares at him suspiciously.  “Do you know who he is?”

Ryan laughs.  “Not at all.  Simon knows I’d tell you, and where would the fun be in his game if I spoiled the surprise?  Just trust that Simon knows what he’s doing; in time, you’ll know everything.”

With that, he leaves as silently as he arrived.

“He’s nice, but sometimes, he really freaks me out.”


Kris decides the Silver Ranger isn’t that bad.  Then again, that opinion may be slightly biased since he reaches this conclusion while in his arms.

They’d been fighting against some frog monster with a really long tongue - which makes Kris’ skin crawl if he thinks about it too much - and the Pink Ranger luck had kicked in.  The tongue had darted out and they’d all been able to jump out of its way.  Everyone except Kris, of course.  To top it off, the thing refused to unwind its tongue from around his waist.

Well, until something had sliced through it.

One second, he’s cursing his status as the Daphne of the Power Rangers; the next, the frog monster thing is screaming in pain and Kris is being carried away - bridal style.

His rescuer puts him down gently, and when he asks if he’s alright, Kris can only nod mutely.  It may be the lack of oxygen making him delusional, but he swears that there’s a hint of concern in his voice.  He doesn’t have time to dwell on it though, because as soon as he sees Kris’ nod, he blasts the monster to pieces and disappears from view before the other Rangers can get to them.

Matt reaches him first, and his grip on Kris’ shoulders is hard enough to hurt, but he barely notices.  He’s still reeling from that too-brief encounter.

The Silver Ranger had saved him.