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Cursed with Writer ADHD

I feel things...deeply.

So...I'm Angela. I'm a New Yorker trapped in California. It's weird.

I love music. It is my livelihood and nothing helps me to go through the day better than music. It helps me keep going when I want nothing more than to splinter into thousands of unrecognizable pieces and it enhances those moments of pure joy. Now when did I start rambling? Books are another love of mine. Escapism much? I'm just very into creativity.

I'm a total Broadway freak. I love musicals and I'm hoping to pursue an actual career. Hoping being the key word. I've been in three shows so far. :waves yay flag: God I miss theatre. I've been called a walking musical encyclopedia by my friends, which I guess is accurate since I have a tendency to obsess over shows. I'm also a complete choir geek. Been in the program for all four years of high school and spent the last two in the advanced mixed group. I'm an alto, but if needed, I can force out a soprano note or two. Maybe.

I've also been dying to join LJ for years but kept putting it off. Getting a chance to squee with other fans online? Priceless.